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By The Endoscopy Center of West Central Ohio
May 06, 2016
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A colonoscopy gives your doctor a close-up view of your large intestine and part of your small intestine. This important test is used to colonoscopyscreen for cancer and detect problems that can cause gastrointestinal issues. The gastroenterologists at The Endoscopy Center of West Central Ohio, in Lima, are here to share a few reasons that you may need a colonoscopy. 

How is a colonoscopy performed?

A miniature camera attached to a thin, flexible scope transmits images from the lining of your intestines to a computer screen during a colonoscopy. Your doctor inserts the colonoscope into your anus and gently moves it into the large intestine and lower section of the small intestine. Every inch of the intestines is examined.

Why do I need a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopies are performed for several reasons, including:

Cancer screening: Screening colonoscopies are recommended at age 50. They will continue every 10 years following the first exam as long as your first test is normal. These screenings are particularly important because there are often no symptoms during the earliest stages of colon cancer. If you have certain gastrointestinal issues or had an abnormal exam in the past, your gastroenterologist may recommend that you have additional colonoscopies sooner than 10 years.

Polyp detection: During the colonoscopy, your doctor will search for and remove any polyps he or she sees. Polyps are small growths that may be cancerous or may eventually become cancerous if they're not removed.

Diagnosis of diseases and conditions: A colonoscopy can help your doctor find the source of your abdominal pain, constipation, chronic diarrhea, rectal bleeding, anemia, unexplained weight loss or changes in bowel habits.

Will do I need to do to prepare for a colonoscopy?

Your intestines must be completely empty for the best view of the intestinal lining. You'll take laxatives that will clear out your gastrointestinal tract and will be limited to clear liquids for two or three days before you have the test.

When will I get the results?

Your doctor can share preliminary results with you immediately after the colonoscopy. You'll receive a full report of his or her findings at your next appointment.

When it's time for your next colonoscopy, call The Endoscopy Center of West Central Ohio, in Lima, at (419) 227-8209 and schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist. Protect your health with a colonoscopy!