Treating Your Hemorrhoids
March 29, 2022
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Hemorrhoids are difficult to deal with and can make your life extremely uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to function normally throughout the day. Hemorrhoids are painful and veiny lumps that develop around the anus and form because of pressure on the veins around the rectum or pelvis area. It’s important that when you start noticing signs of hemorrhoids, you see your gastroenterologists at Gastro Health in Lima, OH, for treatment of your hemorrhoids as soon as possible.

Treating Your Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be internal or external but can both cause pain and discomfort. Both kinds of hemorrhoids can sometimes be identified by blood or mucus in your stool or in the toilet after you’ve gone to the bathroom. If you start noticing blood in your stool, you should contact your gastroenterologist in Lima, OH, immediately to find out if you’re dealing with hemorrhoids. Once that’s been diagnosed, your doctor can start you on treatment so that you can start feeling normal again.

The first thing your doctor may recommend is a prescription or over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream. This helps reduce the swelling and can ease your pain. If your hemorrhoids are more severe, your doctor may have to place bands at the base of the veins to help reduce their size or for surgery.

You can try some methods at home to help reduce the pain you’re experiencing and feel comfortable again. You can sit in a bath of warm water for 30 minutes at a time and be sure to avoid sitting on hard surfaces, but instead sit on a pillow or donut. If possible, you should avoid sitting completely, and instead lay on your side. It’s also important that you do not strain while going to the bathroom and be sure to eat foods that are high in fiber.

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