Treating Your Hemorrhoids
December 30, 2020
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Hemorrhoids are a (literal) pain in the butt. They can be internal or external and defined as swollen, veiny bumps that form around the anus and lower rectum. Hemorrhoids often result from reasons you may not think about, such as advanced age, prolonged sitting periods, heavy lifting, and pregnancy. But they're commonly caused by diarrhea, constipation, or chronic strain while using the restroom. If you experience symptoms like blood in the stool, itching, or anal discomfort of any kind, visit our Lima, OH office to discuss treatment options. Our providers at The Endoscopy Center of West Central Ohio can help you take a comfortable seat right away.

Treating Your Hemorrhoids

Acute hemorrhoids are often treatable with at-home care. Changes in diet, such as eating more fiber and drinking more water, can have a positive effect. It's also helpful to soak in warm baths after every bowel movement. When these remedies aren't working, we encourage you to schedule a consultation in our Lima, OH office to determine what methods might work best. Non-invasive treatment may include medication or supplements, while severe cases may require surgery for removal. To reach a correct diagnosis, one of our physicians will perform a visual or internal inspection and examine the area for abnormalities. Developing healthy bowel habits, incorporating more exercise into your lifestyle, and elevating the legs regularly, may decrease your risk of developing hemorrhoids.

It's essential to know that these painful bumps aren't life-threatening. More than half of Americans develop hemorrhoids by the age of 50. Genetics, obesity, and irregular bowel habits may increase your risk. For more information about other conditions we treat and services provided by The Endoscopy Center of West Central Ohio, visit our website. Please call (419) 227-8209 for appointment scheduling with one of our many providers at our Lima, OH office.